Able to lift and tighten aging skin without knives or injections, Ultherapy challenges the idea that you have to suffer to be beautiful.

Cosmetic enhancement trends such as ‘rich face’ and prejuvenation, popularized by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Lindsay Lohan, contribute to the cultural fascination with turning back the clock.  While celebrity endorsements and Instagram feeds can make it seem like going to dramatic lengths to achieve tighter, younger looking skin is the new normal, research shows that modern consumers are thinking long and hard about undergoing cosmetic surgeries.

Beautiful results. With no downtime.

While expense or the desire to ‘age naturally’ is one thing, research from the The Aesthetic Surgery Journal cites ‘the fear of a poor result’ and ‘the fear of a difficult recovery process’ as the two principle deterrents among individuals who express interest in cosmetic procedures. For an increasing number of potential patients, less is indeed more, especially if they are seeking to avoid the sudden, dramatic change and long healing process that will alert everyone to the fact that they’ve had surgery.

Consumers guided by concerns like these are intrigued by the prospect of Ultherapy, the only ultrasound procedure of its kind licensed by Health Canada for lifting skin on the brow, under the chin and on the neck. Unlike lasers and other technologies, Ultherapy protects the surface of the skin by avoiding it. Using patented ‘Ulthera’ technology, the treatment targets skin tissue at precisely the right depths and temperatures to stimulate the body’s natural collagen response and rejuvenative powers.  The result: a lifted and tightened facial outline, with firmer, better-fitting skin.

Ultherapy also gets high marks for discretion.  Although this one-time, outpatient procedure takes under an hour to administer, its revitalizing effects accrue gradually, over a period of up to six months. What’s more, because both the treatment and the healing happen under the skin, most patients can resume their normal work, social and exercise schedules almost immediately, without any special, post-treatment measures or downtime.

Stimulating the skin to reclaim the natural, true-to-life attributes of its younger self without injections, chemicals, surgery or downtime, Ultherapy delivers the best of all worlds: gentle, gradual improvements that will raise your brow, but not anyone else’s.

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