“Ultrasound skin therapy was a beautiful and natural solution.”

For the longest time, Sylvie, a youthful and vibrant IT manager with a passion for hiking and boot camps, didn’t like what she saw in the mirror. She believed her skin made her look older than her 53 years, an issue she attributed to scars from teenaged acne and years of sleep difficulties. Although she had toyed with the idea of aesthetic surgery when she was younger, Sylvie’s fear of invasive procedures prevented her from pursuing the dream of firmer and tighter skin. “For me the definition of beauty is natural beauty. It’s beautiful, healthy skin, a person who looks happy and who is comfortable in her skin. I do not like things that are not natural,” Sylvie explains.

Beautiful results. With no downtime.

About two years ago, in the waiting room of her doctor’s office, Sylvie became intrigued by a video explaining Ultherapy, a non-invasive procedure that promised skin lifting and tightening with minimal downtime.  She started researching the procedure and was pleasantly surprised to discover it did not involve injecting foreign substances or chemicals into the skin. Instead, it used targeted ultrasound technology to jumpstart and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production from within, gently and over time. 

After consulting a specialist, Sylvie made the decision to go ahead with the one-time treatment which took under an hour to complete. She recalls the experience as being ‘gentle with no recovery time afterwards’. She also appreciated being able to go back to work the next day with no raised eyebrows and welcomed the progressive nature of the results. “Because the improvements developed gradually over weeks and months, it’s not like your girlfriend will say ‘oh my God what have you done to yourself?’ It’s more like “My God, you look so much more rested and so much healthier,” Sylvie explains.

Remove Wrinkles. And Worries.

For Sylvie, the benefits of Ultherapy have been psychological as well. Not looking tired has made her feel less tired and that has had a positive domino effect on her life. She has started exercising again, which, in turn, has improved the quality of her sleep.” Says Sylvie: “I find my skin beautiful now. I feel good. If someone asked me what I took away from the treatment, I would say ‘total happiness’.”

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